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Full Job Description
CFTSS – SCO Family of Services

CFTSS (Children and Family Treatment and Support Services) offer opportunities to better meet the behavioral health needs at earlier junctures in a child/youth’s life to prevent the onset or progression of behavioral health condition. CFTSS are a set of services designed to help youth and families to gain the necessary tools to be successful in their homes and communities through goal directed supports and solution based interventions.

The CFTSSProvider provides various services to enrich and improve the lives of our at risk youth. Services can provided to the child, foster parents, birth parents and other family members involved in the youth’s life, and are provided in the youth’s NYC and Long Island communities. Candidates may apply for several or all skills indicated below should they meet the minimum job qualifications. Provider applicants must have a valid Driver’s license with no recent major or multiple violations and good writing skills.

Each Provider can work up to 29 hours weekly

CFTSS (Children and Family Treatment and Support Services)

Community Psychiatric Supports and Treatment: Goal directed supports and solution focused interventions associated with behavioral health

Psychosocial Rehabilitation: Assist youth with socialization/coping skills necessary for successful functioning and rehabilitate behavioral health in the home and community

Other Licensed Practitioner (OLP): Licensed Professionals only, whose service is to effectively engage children, youth and families/caregivers who may have difficulty engaging in traditional clinic based settings.

Family Peer Support Service: Provided by Credentialed Family Peer Advocate to support and assist if you are raising a youth with mental health challenges, and assistance with locating resources and building natural supports.

Youth Peer Support: Mentor youth in developing positive peer and family relationships, and share personal knowledge, insight, and experience about programs and resources that may be of support to youth

Qualifications – External

Must have training, and experience to provide direct services related to the treatment of mental illness.

Must be reliable and able to work independently and understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality/communication with the therapeutic team.

Must be cleared by the NYS Justice Center through fingerprinting for a Criminal History Records search.

Must be cleared by the NYS Office of Children and Family Services for instances of child abuse and/or neglect.

Be at least eighteen (18) years of age with a High School Diploma/GED or equivalent; BA degree preferred; good verbal and written communication skills

Must have experience working with seriously emotional disturbed youth or children/ job related or volunteer experience reflected on the resume

Valid New York State Driver’s License

Acceptable clearance checks for State Central Register, Driver license and fingerprinting as required by the program

Must obtain screening for physical/mantoux testing


RequiredBachelors or better